Our governing body are an exceptionally committed team, many of whom have had links with the school and its community for over a decade.

They work with the Senior Leadership Team, staff and students to ensure that the school is providing the best opportunities possible for our girls, both academic and personal. They regularly visit the school so that they have a clear understanding of what is happening and how we might best use our resources to make improvements. The majority of our governors are parents of current or former students so they have a clear insight into the needs of students and their families. Other governors are member elected onto the governing body because of the skills and knowledge they can bring to support the school and challenge us to think differently about what we do. In addition we have 2 staff governors.

Each year there is an opportunity for new governors to join the Governing Body either through election, for staff or parents, or through co-option, depending on the vacancies which arise.

We have two committees which have delegated responsibility for specific aspects of our work:

    • The Resources Committee
      Responsible for Finance; Health, Safety and security; staffing, school buildings and site
    • The Curriculum and Standards Committee
      Responsible for: academic standards; teaching and learning; curriculum and examinations