Careers Lead: Mr Tom Charlett, Assistant Headteacher

Contact:, 0121 675 1305

Kings Norton Girls’ School students are entitled to and receive Careers Education and Guidance which:

  • Is independent and impartial
  • Is easily accessible and free of charge
  • Is based on the principle of equality of opportunity
  • Is provided by adults with appropriate education and training
  • Is structured and forms an integral part of students’ overall education
  • Recognises the contribution of students to their own career development
  • Recognises the contribution of others, particularly parents, to this process
  • Respects the confidentiality of personal information

Student Entitlement

While studying at Kings Norton Girls’ School students receive the following careers guidance:

  • A structured programme of careers guidance, information and advice through the PSHE programme Careers Programme
  • Careers interview with independent careers advisor (1:1 in Year 11, group interviews in Year 10, by referral in Sixth Form)
  • Contact with the world of work through participation in work experience (Year 10 and Year 12), Challenge Days, Year 9 Community Outreach days, employer partnerships and subject specific activities
  • Planned activities to help develop knowledge and understanding of careers and the world of work such as careers fairs and visitors who are experts in their field
  • Access to several specialist careers resources which support applications to university and apprenticeship placements (Unifrog) and give wide ranging careers advice (UExplore)

Measuring Success

The success of the careers programme is measured primarily through our destinations data:

Year 11 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
Pupils remaining in education, employment or training 99% 97% 100%
School Sixth Form 54% 54% 60%
Further education college or other further education provider 35% 37% 28%
Sixth Form college 9% 3% 11%
Other (apprenticeship, employment, other education) 1% 3% 1%
Year 13 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
University 78% 84% 63%
Apprenticeship 3% 5% 1%
Employment 4% 2% 2%
Gap Year 12% 8% 25%
Other (Year 14, School Leaver Programme) 1% 1% 9%

Careers Advice

This website offers free and friendly support service providing careers information, advice and guidance to young people aged 16 to 19, ensuring they are aware of all options and potential career paths as well as providing information and advice on current employment, training and education opportunities.  Their new Careers Marketplace is now OPEN – visit the above link to find out about the range of local further education opportunities on offer, take a virtual tour of the facilities available, find out how you can apply, interview arrangements and enrolment.

This website offers FREE independent, impartial advice, guidance and support which you can access by phone, email or webchat direct from qualified advisors, all these sources of information are regulated and safe for you to use.

The site also offers:

      • Job profiles
      • CV Builder
      • Writing covering letters
      • Courses and Learning

This website enables students to search for different careers and explore all aspects of these. Students can save their findings to use at a later date. This is an excellent CIAG resource. Students in Year 8 will be creating accounts and can use this service throughout their school career.

All students will receive logins for Unifrog. The website provides an easy way for students to choose the best Universities and Apprenticeships for them, and for teachers to track their progress. The site compares courses and vacancies by lots of different factors including distance from home, social life and salary.

A website where you can search and apply for post 16 courses at Schools and Colleges across the country. Please note: this service will cease operating from September 2019 and Kings Norton Sixth Form is no longer registered with it.

A website where you can purchase resources to help you write a CV, learn how to complete an application form, how to pass psychometric tests and also how to pass any job interview. They also offer an extensive range of guides on various jobs and career paths.

At FutureLearnCareers, you’ll find a career that matches your education and skills.

We partner with over 170 world-class universities, institutions and industry leaders to create world-class courses to help you with your career.

Our mission is to help everyone fulfil their potential in a changing world and explore which new job could be the right fit for them.


Visit the above site to find out what an apprenticeship is and how to apply. Apprenticeships are available post 16 and post 18. Higher apprenticeships are available post 18 which often lead to foundation degrees.

Visit the Career Pilot website to search for apprenticeship vacancies level 2 – degree level. Explore a range of careers across many job sectors

Applying to University

Once you are in the Sixth Form you will get a significant amount of help to ensure you are well prepared for your next step be it university, apprenticeships or the world or work. The UCAS website is what you will be using when you apply to University. It has a vast amount of information that can help you make the right choices when selecting the A Level courses required for specific degrees and apprenticeships. The course search can be used to look up courses you are interested in, and provides details of the grades different universities require.

The Russell group is the group of the top 20 universities; their informed choices booklet gives advice on Post 16 choices.

Not Going to Uni

From apprenticeships to debt-free education, there are literally thousands of other opportunities out there. The Not Going to Uni website will help you find apprenticeships, college courses or work experience to start building your future.

Not Going to Uni – the one stop site for apprenticeships, gap years, distance learning and jobs

Career Mag for Parents

Careermag for Parents aims to connect students and their parents with quality advice and guidance. The magazine includes:

    • Top tips for parents
    • What does diversity mean to you?
    • Creative careers, creative thinking
    • Gender and social stereotyping
    • Myth busting careers
    • Apprenticeship opportunities
    • Financing university

Date of last review: September 2020.  Date of next review: September 2021.