Maths Intent

In the Kings Norton Girls’ School maths department, we operate a true mastery curriculum. We intend, through this, to ensure that all new concepts are anchored on secure foundations and pupils recognise their own development and progress. Progression is based on understanding, rather than a calendar, to ensure that all students are always developing as mathematicians.

We have split the entire curriculum into 10 stages, covering topics within number, algebra, geometry & measures, statistics, and ratio, proportion & rates of change. By working through these stages, the curriculum builds like a spiral revisiting each key area whilst building upwards.

Whatever stage your child is working through they will have a checklist in the back of their book. This checklist lists the topics students will be working on but also the knowledge (declarative knowledge) and procedures (procedural knowledge) that students should master within that stage. In lessons, students will be receive instruction and have opportunity to practice these skills They will also have chance to work on their problem-solving (conditional knowledge) within the contexts of the topics being studied.

At KS5 we build upon this intent by offering a curriculum in which all can succeed. Our curriculum seeks to take advanced algebra topics like binomial expansion and brand-new topics such as mechanics and anchor them on secure KS4 concepts. We simultaneously cover the full breadth of the specification (Pure, Statistics and mechanics) whilst ensuring lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the groups and individuals within them. Further Maths is delivered to ensure those students who wish to study Maths to degree level are supported in this ambition.

Exam Boards

At GCSE we follow the Edexcel course (1MA1). The GCSE can be sat at higher (grades 9 – 4) or foundation (grades 5 – 1). Each tier is assessed via three, 1 hr 30 min papers at the end of the course.

At A Level we follow the Edexcel course (9MAO). The A Level is assessed via three papers at the end of the course, each of which is of 2 hour duration. Papers 1 and 2 cover Pure mathematics, whilst paper 3 is applied (statistics and mechanics).


The maths department run a series of clinics where students can attend to get support on any aspect of their work from lessons or homework. Please click here for the timetable.

The school also provides other ways of accelerating progress. For everyone of the stage checklists there is a support checklists on studentshare. This contains instructional videos, questions and answers for every topic. It can be found at:

Studentshare -> Subjects maths -> 1. Stage support checklists

All students also have their own login for mathswatch ( Mathswatch contains videos as well as interactive questions and answers.

KS5 Curriculum

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Curriculum Maps

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