Media Studies

Media Studies is a popular subject at GCSE and A Level. In a world where a Tweet can mean a thousand things, Media Studies provides students with the skills to be truly media literate. A hybrid subject, Media Studies has grown from English, Sociology and Psychology with a sprinkle of Business Studies for good measure.

It is a subject that requires students to develop analytical skills, providing opportunities for them to be applied to a variety of media texts to see how media makes meaning. We look at the impact of media on our lives and how it shapes our identities and our views of others.

KS4 Curriculum

The two-year course combines the theoretical with the practical. There are three components which encourage students to analyse a variety of media texts from newspapers to music videos.  We focus on how they communicate to the audience and how they reflect the institutions that create them. There are three components, two 1 ½ hour exams and a non examined unit which makes up 30% of the course and is a production unit.

Exam board

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KS5 Curriculum

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Homework  is an essential part of the Media Studies curriculum at both KS4 and KS5. It is set weekly for GCSE groups and twice weekly at A Level, Tasks include essays, storyboards, analysis, research and various practical tasks. Homework is never set to finish work from the lesson, its purpose is to check understanding and apply knowledge. Assessment is regular and provides feedback which gives advice for development.

Curriculum Maps

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