Parents as Partners

At KNGS we really do believe that the successful partnership between home, school and student will support all students to thrive in all areas, academically and socially. Although parents are welcome to contact us at school whenever they have a concern or question about their child’s education throughout Key Stage 3 and 4, they are also be invited to a number of ‘Parents as Partners’ evenings. Useful communication and resources from these meetings can be found further down this page.

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Parents as Partners Evenings

Parents as Partners evenings are strategically placed at key transition points within a student’s school career:

Year 6

As part of the transition programme the Parents as Partners programme will cover:

  • School procedures
  • The KS3 Curriculum
  • How we cater for individual needs
  • How parents can support their child to be successful
  • An opportunity to meet staff informally

Year 9

Year 9 is a key point in a student’s career as they choose their options. A booklet and video is available to enable parents and carers to:

  • Find out about the KS4 curriculum
  • Learn how the options process works
  • Explore a range of option subjects
  • Understand the options open to students Post 16, including apprenticeships
  • Find out about what universities are looking for from applicants
  • Learn how to support students through KS4.

Click here for the booklet and video.

Year 10

Where the Year 9 support focuses very much on option choices, the Year 10 support focuses in more detail on English, Maths, Science and Modern Foreign Languages and provides parents with more detailed information on how to support their child’s learning. This is available via online resources and can be found within the Recent Communication & Useful Resources section below.

Sixth Form

Year 12 Parents/Carers are invited to a Parents as Partners Evening in September, which will explain everything they need to know about their son/daughter’s time at Kings Norton Sixth Form, including how much tome to spend on homework, expectations around attendance, careers advice and well being.

In March of Year 13, Parents/Carers are invited to attend a Parents as Partners Evening which will cover practical information and advise about supporting their son or daughter through external A Level examinations.

Recent Communications & Useful Resources 

Please find below links to documents and presentations that you may find useful:

Event Date Document
Year 11 Parents as Partners May 2024 Supporting Students through GCSE Exams
Year 11 Parents as Partners 13th March 2023 Y11 Parents as partners 13.03.23
Year 8 Parent as Partners 15th February 2023 Year 8 Parents as Partner 2023 combined presentations
Year 10 Parents as Partners Sept – Oct

Welcome Year 10 Parents as Partners

Year 10 Parents as Partners Booklet

How to Learn and Revise

How to Support with English

How to Support with Maths GCSE

How to Support with Combined Science

How to Support with Separate Science

How to Support with MFL GCSE

How to Support NVQ Business French

Subject Top Tips

Yr 13 Parents As Partners March 2022


Summary of Y13 Parents and Carers as Partners event


School Attendance – in Partnership with Birmingham City Council 25th March, 2021 Whole school attendance letter – March 2021
West Midlands Police – Knife Crime Letter 12th November, 2020 Police Advisory Letter for Parents Nov 2020
School Attendance – in Partnership with Birmingham City Council 3rd November, 2020 Attendance Letter in Partnership with BCC Covid Update
Yr 7 Parents as Partners October, 2020

Welcome Year 7 Parents as Partners 

How to Support Year 7 with English

How to Support Year 7 with Maths

HAPPY, SAFE SUMMER – Reminder from West Midlands Police 8th July, 2020 Safeguarding letter in partnership with WMP July 2020
Y11 & Y13 Parents as Partners 26th March, 2019 Y11 & Y13 Parents as Partners Presentation
Y7 – Parents as Partners 15th October, 2018

Parents as Partners Presentation

English Presentation

Maths Presentation

Parents Guide in Exams – Charlie Waller Trust 17th May, 2018 Charlie Waller Trust – Parents Guide in Exams
Parking Safety Outside School 4th May, 2018 Parent Letter
External Examinations & Ramadan 25th April, 2018

School Guidance

ASCL Guidance on Ramadan & Exams

Manchester Attacks 26th May 2017 Parent Letter
External Examinations & Ramadan April 2017 School Guidance
Spotlight on Attendance Programme 3rd Apr, 2017 Parent Letter & Information
Digital Parenting Magazine 23rd Jan, 2017 Issue 5 – Digital Parenting Magazine (Vodafone)
Knife Safety – West Midlands Police 2nd Nov, 2016 Knife Safety Letter – Partnership Campaign Against Knife Crime
Practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation Educate Against Hate website
Assessment & Reporting to Parents Reporting Progress at KNGS