Revision – Years 10 & 11

If you would like more guidance on how best to support your child through their GCSE’s, please see these ‘How to’ guides.

All of these resources, plus accompanying videos and individual subject guides are available to your child via the KNGS student drive and offer step-by-step support as how to organise revision, what effective revision is and how to use their revision materials.

How to Revise
How to Revise – Reasons
How to Revise
How to Make Notes
Notes to Make 9 Box Grid From
How to Make Great Study Notes
How to Make a Mind Map
How to Mind Map
Rules of Mind Mapping
How to Use Flash Cards
How to Make and Use Flashcards
How to Use Practice Questions
How to Use Practice Questions
How to make a Revision Timetable
Timetable Top Tips
TOP TIPS how to make a timetable