Anti Bullying

All students, staff, parents/carers and school community have the right to be safe, happy and respected where they are free from bulling and prejudice. KNGS aims to be a school where:

  • all students, staff and parents/carers understand how to prevent, identify and report bullying in the knowledge that they will heard and it will be acted upon promptly.
  • all feel safe in an environment where they are able to flourish in all aspects of life, both within and beyond school.

Please see our Anti Bullying Policy for details.

Our anti-bullying is determined through our work around prevention, reporting and supporting victims of bullying. We have worked hard to review our policy in 2023/24 through the introduction of staff, student and parent/carer working parties. We also plan on sustaining, if not excelling the bronze anti-bullying quality mark we achieved in 2019.

Our work in each key strand of anti-bullying can be seen below:

Prevention (Pre) Reporting (During) Support (Post)
• Separating and understanding the differences between bullying behaviour and bullying. • Education around bystander behaviour to promote the reporting of bullying. •  Introduction and use of parent/carer and student guides to bullying.
• Use of the Get on Board approach to empower students to deal with friendship turbulence independently. • The use of bullying incident report forms for record keeping. • Streamlined interventions to support and prevent repeat incidents for both the target and bully.
• Education around bystander behaviour. • Raising awareness of reporting methods. • Internal and external interventions for targets and bullies.

Key Leads within School

Mrs Nahieda Bi Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Laura Gregory Anti-Bullying Lead
Ms Ally Sophia Link Governor for Safeguarding & Pastoral Faculty (including Anti-Bullying)