Student Support Team & Inclusion Manager

The Student Support Team (led by the Inclusion Manager) work alongside the Heads of Houses and Form Tutors to offer extra support and intervention where students require it. Some examples of the support  offered are below (please note that we have a separate dedicated SENCO Inclusion Team).

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

If your child is identified as requiring additional support, either through school or an external agency, with the development of their social, emotional or behavioural needs, the Student Support Team and Intervention Manager can offer a wide range of 1-1 sessions or group workshops.

Social-emotional intervention

Support is offered to students who are experiencing low mood, issues with confidence, and those struggling with feelings of anxiety. Support packages include a wide range of strategies to support personal growth.

Behaviour intervention

Support is offered to students who display challenging behaviour, identifying coping techniques and strategies to aid behaviour improvement.

The aim of any interventions delivered in school is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of students, particularly in relation to mental health that may impact on future happiness and success. We aim to teach students in a holistic way, supporting all aspects of their growth and development.

Inclusion Manager

The Inclusion Manager oversees the Student Support Team and offers interventions mentioned above.

The Inclusion Manager also supports students with higher level or continued support needs, such as, severe mental health conditions or behaviours affecting learning.  This includes ensuring the success of students that require education at other establishments.