Our Houses


House Name

House Colour

Kari (Moon of Saturn) Yellow
Neso (neeso) (Moon of Neptune) Red
Ganymede (ganuhmeed) (Moon of Jupiter) Green

Our house system contributes to the sense of community our students hold. House activities help equip students with life skills essential to being a successful learner. They ‘open a world of opportunities’ for them as they progress through school, our sixth form and beyond.

Our house names are non-hierarchical objects that were chosen by the students commencing in January 2023.

All students and staff on joining KNGS are allocated a house, with siblings allocated to the same house. There are house activities, assemblies and competitions throughout every academic year that strengthen student collaboration and leadership.

We hope that our house system will give students a deeper sense of identity and belonging within our already close community, encourage inter year cohesion and mentoring whilst also boosting community spirit and leadership opportunities across all key stages.