Form Tutors

In each year, from Year 7 to 11, the 160 student intake is split into 6 non-hierarchical forms. There are two forms in each year in one of our Houses. That’s about 27 students in each form that we hope will forge really positive relationships with each other, with the Form Tutor and the Form Tutor with Parents/Carers.

Students see their Form Tutor at least 4 mornings a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Form time which includes our Theme of the Week and pastoral curriculum. Then on a Tuesday morning the Form Tutor delivers our PSHE curriculum.

The Form Tutor will:

  • Provide support and guidance for students.
  • Demonstrate and challenge students on how to achieve their best each day, this includes ensuring students have their equipment and maintaining KNGS’ highest standards for uniform.
  • Discuss and challenge students with any pattern of underachievement, poor behaviour, lateness and absence.
  • Communicate with and receive communication from Parents.
  • Check students’ planners weekly.
  • Develop students personal, social, economic, health and well being skills through the schools Theme of the Week (TOTW) programme and daily tutor duties.

The Form Tutor should also be the first person to whom a student turns to for help or advice, although it may sometimes be necessary to refer the matter to the Head of House or Deputy Head or to an outside agency.

The fundamental building blocks of a successful education is the relationship between school and home. There are bound to be times when you have worries and anxieties about your child. When communication is needed, you will want reassurance from someone who really knows your child, someone who sees them on a nearly daily basis. Contact between Parents and Form Tutors is imperative and we ensure that you can always raise concerns and obtain answers quickly through Form Tutors, see our communication policy.