Reporting and Parents Evenings

At KNGS we take pride in our beliefs that learning is best supported when all involved play an active role in supporting the learning journey of our students as they progress through the school. We take every opportunity to celebrate success and to provide appropriate challenge and support. We encourage the students to set and aspire to achieving their own high-level targets for both academic and personal growth.

Reports and Parents Evenings are an opportunity to help parents engage on their child’s learning.

There is an Annual Report and Interim Reviews throughout the year. Follow the link for more details: Assessment & Reporting link

There are year-specific parents’ evenings during which parents and carers meet with individual subject teachers also to discuss their child’s progress. These are virtual appoints and will be communicated to you via electronic letters.

There is a review morning in January where students, with their form tutors, reflect on their autumn Interim Review, current attendance and punctuality and set targets for themselves for improvement. These are written into student planners.

A key to communication between school and home is the students’ planner and SIMs Parent App. Here parents and carers can check comments written by staff and send in their own written messages. Parents and carers can also see what Home Learning has been set by the teachers and support their child in ensuring it is completed to a high standard.

There are also specific celebration opportunities that parents and carers will be invited to during the year such as the annual awards.

Contact via planners, telephone, text message and email is also used by the school to communicate with home about learning, attendance and punctuality as required. The school welcomes communication from home about any issues which may impact on learning. Parents and carers are also welcome to come in and talk to us at any time through making an appropriate appointment. Please contact school reception on: 0121 675 1305 or via email: