At Kings Norton Girls’ School, we passionately believe in fostering a love of and joy in learning. We aim to develop a community of life long learners with students and staff learning together for continuous improvement.

Our aim is to give this love of learning to all students by ensuring lessons are engaging, and by prompting and encouraging everyone to think for themselves. We teach students how to think and learn independently, building these skills through Years 7 to 13. Teachers support by anticipating, responding to queries and helping students to correct their misconceptions. Students are encouraged to take a chance and to make most mistakes in their learning, as this is what will help them make progress.

Students are encouraged to develop their independence by knowing what ‘excellent’ looks like and how to achieve it. They are aware of what their next learning steps are and how to take these steps. The lesson environment is a safe one in which all students can share their ideas.

‘I love English lessons where we discuss our ideas.’


‘My teachers don’t accept my first answer so I’m always being challenged to think more.’


‘I have got much better at writing essays and improving my work by using the feedback we get from the marking.’


‘At first I hated the lollipop sticks but then I realised they made me get an answer ready for every question.’


‘All my teachers expect me to achieve but they also help me to get there.’