Student Leadership

At Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on ensuring our students excel and develop the skills and confidence to be inspirational leaders. As a result, the Student Leadership Group (SLG) was formed to ensure the voices of our students are heard and that they are able to have a real impact on our school community in a leadership role.

All year groups are represented by student representatives in the SLG and the Sixth Form Head Students are involved in supporting and running the group. The SLG meet weekly to discuss their termly projects, which have ranged from celebrating International Women’s Day to raising awareness of climate change. Other SLG activities have included fundraising activities, talent shows, and student forums. The SLG also take part in governors’ meetings, presenting the views of the student body in order to contribute towards change within our school.

There are many other opportunities for students from all year groups to develop their leadership skills through becoming subject ambassadors, participating in peer tutoring and mentoring schemes, or acting as form captains within their tutor groups. In Year 11 students can apply for the roles of prefect or companion; while prefects take an important role in representing the school, carrying out corridor duties and assisting with parents’ evenings, companions are trained to mentor younger students.