Student Leadership

At Kings Norton Girls’ School and Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on ensuring our girls excel and develop the skills and confidence to be inspirational leaders. As a result the “Student Leadership Group” (SLG) was formed in September 2013 to ensure the voices of our girls are heard and that they are able to have a real impact on our community in a leadership role.

Every tutor group across all year groups has a student representative in the SLG and every year group has a Head Girl and a Deputy Head Girl. This group meets every three weeks to discuss student issues and to organise our IMPACT weeks which take place every term. This is a week of activities organised and led by our students to positively impact the school and our local community. Activities have included fundraising activities, talent shows, sporting events, quiz nights, school film days and student forums.

In addition, we have a senior student leadership team compromising of ten student leaders from our Sixth Form, three of which are our Senior Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls. All members of this group have individual leadership roles such as house captains, student transition support and peer mentoring. They also work together as a Sixth Form Committee to share their thoughts about the Sixth Form and work closely with staff and the whole school Student Leadership Group.

There are also other opportunities for our girls from all year groups to develop their leadership skills through our subject ambassador or prefect roles, peer tutoring and mentoring programme and also within their tutor groups as a form or sport captain.

All students involved in a leadership position are eligible for the Special Schools and Academies Tust (SSAT) gold, silver of bronze student leadership accreditation.