What support is available in the Sixth Form?

As well as academic and personal support available from your form tutor, support is also available from subject tutors, Heads of Department, Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head Teacher (Sixth Form).

The support covers a range of queries including subject advice, UCAS applications, careers advice and support if you are struggling with a particular subject or personal issue. In addition, Year 12 & 13 are in mixed tutor groups so students new to the Sixth Form always have someone who can help, to talk to and learn from.

How many timetabled hours per subject per week?

We have a two week timetable and there are 10 hours over the fortnight for each subject.

What are the induction arrangements?

At Kings Norton Sixth Form we take the transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form seriously and we want our students to begin harnessing and developing those skills we know are essential in securing success. We run transition days in the summer that provide students with taster sessions in A Level lessons as well as opportunities to meet with the Sixth Form Team, We have a further induction day in September, continuing to develop those skills of independence, and resilience.

Holiday tasks are also set in each subject, which are designed to identify your strengths and areas where there may be further work needed to ensure you become a successful A Level student. We then work with you are you specific need.

How big is the Sixth Form?

We have capacity for 275 students in total across our Sixth Form in Years 12 & 13.

How big are class sizes?

We have an average class size of 15 students

When do Tutor Groups meet?

Students register in Tutor Groups every day at 8.30am except Thursday. It is during these sessions that you will receive support from tutors and take part in a wide range of enrichment opportunities with guest speakers from universities, apprenticeship schemes, gap year agencies as well as a variety of talks about a range of social and personal issued.

What can the Sixth Form offer me?

An excellent chance of success in A Levels through individualised support along with academic, personal and career guidance.  We are big enough to offer choice but small enough to care for you as an individual.

Leadership opportunities through e.g. the School and Sixth Form Leadership Teams, working with experts such as our Marketing & Communications Manager.

Significant enrichment opportunities to develop employability skills and personal growth.

How can I make a contribution?

Our Sixth Formers enrich the whole school in many ways through their contribution. For example: using your interest to lead clubs and activities, mentoring, working with our community, fund raising are a few of the ways this can happen. We are always open to new ideas and will support you to make a difference.

How do I know I am being successful?

During registration form time is structured to provide, personal and subject tracking. We have half termly tracking, parents evenings  annual reports as well as regular communication between subject leaders, personal tutors and Head of Sixth Form. Your work will be marked regularly by your subject leader and they will show you how to be even more successful in their subject.

Will I get any funding in the sixth form?

You might be eligible for the Post-16 Bursary details of which can be found here.

There is funding from 2016 for a small number of ambitious students to help with their future choices These are our “Successful Futures Awards”

Ambitious students will be eligible to apply for these financial awards of £200 which will enable them to explore highly aspirational pathways beyond the sixth form.  The application process opens in the 3rd week of the Autumn Term.  Full details will be provided as part of the induction programme.

When do I have to hand my application in and when are the interviews?

For internal students applications should be in by the end of November, in order for us to schedule interviews, which will take place in the third week of December.

For external students applications should be in by the end of January, in order for us to schedule interviews, which will take place in the second week of February.

When do I find out if my application has been successful?

Letters will be sent out to all students who attended an interview within two weeks of the interview.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you do miss the deadline please ring the Sixth Form and speak to the Sixth Form Administrator to see if there are still places available.

Tel: 0121 675 1305