Exam board: AQA

Students on this course will study business in a variety of contexts (e.g. large/small, UK focused/global, service/manufacturing.


Year 12 (first year) An introduction to key business areas: marketing, operations, finance and human resource management. This includes a special focus on decision making – particularly how decisions made in one area can affect the rest of the business.

Year 13 (second year) An investigation of the strategic decisions that all businesses have to make, including analysing the strategic position of a business, choosing strategic direction, how to pursue strategies and manage change.


Final assessment is via 3 two hour written papers, which are made up of multiple choice, short answer questions, essay questions, data response and a case study.

Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 in GCSE Business if studied or grade 5 in GCSE English, and for all grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics. In addition, a wider interest in business is essential. You will be expected to keep up to date with business news and current affairs.

Progression routes and careers:

There are a number of career and university options your A Level in business will offer you. Possible career choices with A Level business include management, marketing, advertising, retail, sales, human resources, finance, accounting, banking, retailing, manufacturing, local government and business consultancy. If you have a bright idea and the knowledge to back it up, you may even consider launching your own business! Many universities will accept business as an A Level when applying for courses such as economics, business and many other options. Business graduates are in high demand worldwide as business touches on every aspect of modern human society leading to diverse and often highly paid careers.