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To Study Politics successfully students will need an active interest in politics in the EU, the UK and also an interest in the government of the USA.

Course Content:


Component one: UK Politics

In this component students will study Democracy and Participation, Electoral Systems and their outcomes, Voting Behaviour and the Media. There is also a focus on Core Political Ideologies including liberalism, conservatism and socialism.

Component two: UK Government

In this component students study the Constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Executive, and Relationships between Government Branches. There is also a focus on anarchism.


Component three: Global Politics

In this component the students will study Sovereignty and Globalisation, Global Political and Economic Governance, Global Human Rights and Environmental Governance, Power and Developments, Regionalism and the European Union. There is also a focus on Comparative Theories, including liberalism and realism.


One written paper in each component.

Entry Requirements:

A grade 6 or above in English.

Progression routes and careers:

A Level Politics is a qualification highly prized in many careers, not just for the knowledge gained, but also for the skills of analysis and argument which are developed. Areas which place a particular emphasis on qualifications in Politics are law, the civil service, local and national government, teaching, journalism, communications, advertising and public relations.

Curriculum Maps:

Politics Y12 calendar 202021 student version

Politics Y13 calendar 202021 student version