Exam Results

Kings Norton Sixth Form Celebrates Fantastic A Level Results

Congratulations to Kings Norton Sixth Form students, and the teachers and support staff who worked with them, in achieving a fantastic set of A Level results.

Kings Norton Sixth Form are celebrating an impressive set of A Level results, with a fantastic one third of grades at grade A* or A and two thirds at grade A*-B, with many subjects performing significantly above national average. These outstanding results reflect the immense hard work undertaken by students and staff over the last two years.

The staff and Governors are very proud of the achievements of the class of 2023 and are excited about the world of opportunities that now lies ahead for them. In September we will have students taking up places at the country’s very best universities, including the Russell Group, and embarking upon high quality apprenticeships.

Nicola Raggett, the school’s Headteacher said: “Congratulations to all our students on a fantastic set of examination results, we are delighted and very proud of all their achievements. These outstanding results are due to the sheer hard work and determination of students and staff, alongside exceptional relationships and support which lies at the heart of our very successful Sixth Form. I wish all students continued success and happiness for their futures as they continue to flourish. Well done everybody.”

And how do our students feel?

“When I opened my results, I was a little bit shocked that I’d done as well as my teachers expected. Their high expectations of me really motivated me to work hard and it payed off! I’ve loved my 7 years at Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form and I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved there.” Daisy

“I am very happy with my A Level results and my time at Kings Norton Sixth Form, all thanks to the supportive teachers in KNGS Sixth. Also, the wide range of resources and opportunities provided are phenomenal. I can’t imagine studying in any other sixth form than Kings Norton.” Malissa

Absolutely delighted with my results and being accepted to my preferred University course. Many thanks to my teachers at KNGS who helped me achieve my goals.” Xander

“I am extremely thankful to all my teachers who have supported me these past two years at Kings Norton Sixth Form. Opening my results today was nerve-wracking but my hard work had paid off. I was very happy with my results and was able to get into my first choice!  Thanks again to all teachers and staff at KNSF.” Amelia