Meet the Head Girl & Head Boy

Jodie Carreon – Head Girl

As Head Girl, it is an honour to represent the school community. When I first joined Kings Norton Girls’ School in Year 7, I was anxious about the new environment and was uncertain about the future and currently still am, especially with the challenging circumstances that the pandemic has brought upon us. However, from my experience here at KNGS & Sixth Form, this school is incredibly committed to growing a safe, prosperous and caring environment that enables all students to recognise their own potential, guide us when we feel insecure about our future plans and help us achieve our ambitions through resilience and dedication.

As Head Girl my role allows me to become the voice and true representation of the student body, placing their ideas into effect in order to maximise and enjoy their experience at this school; this year, I am determined to provide other students with the encouragement and tools they need in order to excel in whatever aspect they want to do now and later in their life with the help of my skills and understanding.

In my final year at Kings Norton Sixth Form, I want to leave knowing I made a significant difference that impacted everyone in a positive way in return for receiving a brilliant education here. This school has pushed me past my boundaries and out of my comfort zone and as Head Girl, I hope to do that for every other current and future student that attends KNGS & Sixth Form, working alongside the Head Student team.

James Hill – Head Boy

It is a great privilege to be elected Head Boy of Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form. I settled quickly in the school due to its strong community ethos and want to help build and sustain this through the challenge of the current pandemic.

Growing up in South East Asia, I learned the importance of community, looking out for each other and working together. KNGS’ values of respect, courage and mutual flourishing are a basis for us to support each other and impact our neighbourhood. As we listen to each other, we can discover new ways to move forward with confidence and courage in this challenging time. Our school leadership gives us the structures where we can flourish under excellent teaching, pastoral care and extra-curricular opportunities.

Together with Jodie and Shaska (our Deputy Head Student), it is my mission to help this unique and wonderful community continue to thrive.