Meet the Head Girl & Head Boy

Chloe Aggrey – Head Girl

I am so privileged to have been given the role of Head Girl and contribute to the legacy that is the KNGS community.

The belief I have in the school is sustained by the incredible journey I have experienced at KNGS so far.  At KNGS the teachers inspire you to want to do better and achieve your best in a very supportive way.

This school really allows you to develop your potential: to achieve better grades, to work collaboratively with the community and in inspiring young people in their academic and non-academic pursuits.

The vision and the values at Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form drives a caring and healthy environment that encourages us as students to find the joy in learning and rewards us for doing so, allowing the school to thrive.

I personally believe Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form has helped me to better myself. Having joined the school in Year 8, I improved considerably in my grades, because of the amazing teaching and the belief which staff had in me to improve.  As a result, this school has led to my pursuit of science as a potential field of my career. In return I want to put my efforts into helping improve the school which has nurtured me. In my role as Head Girl I would like to see it become an even better place, for all the current students and students to come.

My aim as Head Girl is to truly represent and reflect the student body, to understand and represent the needs and wants of the KNGS and Sixth Form community so that together we can be the positive change within the school.

Andrew Wade – Head Boy

I joined Kings Norton Sixth Form in September, 2017. Previously, I was a pupil at Kings Norton Boys School, where I aspired to work as hard as I possibly could, throwing myself into all different aspects of school life. During my time at KNBS,  I quickly created a collection of strong values and high expectations for myself which I have been able to maintain throughout my transition into Kings Norton Sixth Form, with support from mentors and teachers. Despite being at Sixth Form for only one year and only having one year left, I will not forget and I will not take the amazing opportunities that have been given to me for granted.

The students and teachers at Kings Norton Sixth Form develop good working relationships through hard work and high aspirations for students to reach their full potential. Student support and pastoral care are readily available, with multiple members of staff taking highly active roles in helping to maintain healthy mindsets among the students. This dedication and commitment which shines throughout the school is what creates such a healthy and effective learning atmosphere.

Being Head Boy allows me to help show the local community and others outside of the school, just how welcoming and hardworking our school community is. This role also allows me to take ideas from students on how to improve the school to staff and senior leadership, allowing the student voice to be heard. I believe that we, the student leadership team as a whole, will help the school to strive for further success and we will support all of our students in reaching their full potential.