Meet the Head Girl & Head Boy

Simran Sanghera – Head Girl

I am delighted to have been elected Head Girl by the student body at Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form and be able to give something back to the school before I leave. Coming into the school in Year 7, I was feeling very lonely and detached. Since then I have prospered under this school’s great community ethos and impeccable standards. Outside of school, many members of the community compliment us on our successes and therefore I am elated to be a representative of this school, because it has transformed me.

We have incredible attributes running throughout all the year groups which will allow us to flourish, this is because every possible opportunity has been handed to us, enabling us to develop new skills and prosperity. This school and Sixth Form without a shadow of a doubt sets us up for our futures where we can only see achievement and satisfaction. Giving something back to this school will bring me joy because I know that it has moulded me into the character I am today. During my role, I hope to give other students the determination to aim high and gain triumph.



Marios Spanos – Head Boy

It is a great privilege to be elected as Head Boy of Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form. I joined the Sixth Form last year and felt incredibly welcomed by all the staff as well as existing students. What struck me the most was the amazing sense of community within KNGS, which creates an excellent working environment where students can speak up for help.

I was worried for my education at first, due to the shaky year I previously had, courtesy of the pandemic. However, I was soon put at ease when I realised how much support and guidance Kings Norton Sixth Form provided to its students even under the extreme circumstances. The Sixth Form allows students to fulfil their true potential and equips them with the necessary skills for a successful future.

As Head Boy my role allows me to become the voice and true representation of the student body. I aim to balance the views and ideas of all students in order to improve our experience at this school together. I hope that I can fulfil this position to a high standard and wish to honour my fellow students at KNSF with the trust they have placed in me.

It is my mission to make a positive difference to everyone here at this brilliant school & Sixth Form.