Meet the Team

I have the same expectations for our students as I have for myself: to work to personal strengths, develop those areas that need working on and at all times have high expectations, to reflect and to work towards achieving success. What makes a good Head of Sixth Form? This is a question which is as important as asking what makes a good Sixth Former. Having worked in the Sixth Form for the past decade, it is a question that I ask myself regularly. It sounds clichéd to say that I have tried to build a community which works together to take our students to the next phase of their futures, but I feel we are more than a community; we are a family who looks after one another. There will be trials and tribulations as with all families, but we make sure that our students are looked after personally and academically to be the absolute best they can be. Our students leave this sixth form as young people who are able to meet head on, the worlds of higher education and work, and they know that I have been here for them throughout this time with us.

Sarah Ledwidge, Assistant Head Teacher & Head of Sixth Form

I am proud to be a part of the Sixth Form team at Kings Norton Girls’ School & Sixth Form. Our Sixth Form boasts a dedicated group of specialist A Level teachers and supportive Sixth Form Tutors committed to optimising opportunities for students both academically and personally. With a proven track record of outstanding A Level results and successful progression to universities and apprenticeships, our institution offers a purpose-built Sixth Form Centre and a recently renovated common room.

Students enrolled in our Sixth Form will receive comprehensive support throughout their transition from GCSE to A Level studies via our tutor programme. Recognising that the A Level years can be challenging, this support is essential in ensuring students achieve their best possible exam results. Furthermore, we provide extensive assistance in navigating post-18 choices.

Our curriculum also offers numerous avenues for students to cultivate leadership skills, foster teamwork, and build confidence, thereby preparing them for transition into responsible, resilient adults ready to flourish in an ever-changing world.

Jo Neale, Second in Sixth Form