Sixth Form Life


Hi there! My name is Niamh O’Neill, I’ve been a student at Kings Norton Girls’ School since 2011 and I’m currently in Year 13 at Kings Norton Sixth Form.

As Sixth Form students, we are encouraged to take on responsibility through leadership roles. Through my role as Sixth Form Marketing and Communications Leader, my team and I work hard to promote all of the news and achievements of the Sixth Form in school, on the school website and on social media. Recently, we worked with our Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl to produce a vlog for new Year 12 students, which introduced them to the school and the key members of staff for sixth formers. Other roles such as Senior Literacy and Numeracy Mentors and subject ambassadors are all available for us to get involved with.

There are so many opportunities open to sixth formers at KN6, such as the Lloyds Mentorship Programme; where we meet termly with mentors from Lloyds to develop skills to help with current studies and future prospects. We can also take advantage of the many trips on offer to Sixth Sorm students, which further interest and understanding in subject area, a few recent examples include art trips to London and Paris to explore museums, a geography trip to Tenby, a trip to Stratford for English Literature students to see Titus Andronicus, and a French trip to Boulogne, to name a few!

The vertical tutoring system in school continues in Sixth Form, which means that our tutor groups are made up of both Year 12 and 13 students. When we have form time in the morning, we can interact with other students outside our year group and help each other through our A-Level studies. Also, the new Sixth Form subject mentoring, introduced by our Head Girl, Tara Smith, has allowed new Year 12 students to benefit from the advice and expertise of Year 13 students, while the Year 13 students can consolidate their knowledge.

Sixth Form students receive amazing support from teachers while also being encouraged to become independent and responsible, and also having excellent support with university or apprenticeship applications, all of which helps us to feel more than ready to move on to the next stage of our lives.

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