Centenary Project Remembering WW1 Soldiers from the Local Area

As part of a Centenary Project and to also commemorate Remembrance Day, KNGS Year 11 History Ambassadors created an outstanding display for the school’s reception area.

The Girls’ gathered research about soldiers who died in the local area and decided to create a full size model to represent the men who fought. Many lunch times and a day of half term (with the help of Ms Randell!) were spent meticulously creating this model using paper mache. The end result was fantastic and soldier ‘Gilbert’ made the display.

In addition to this eye catching celebratory display the Ambassadors presented at five House Remembrance Day assemblies. They also created a chance for students to write reflections on their own poppies; they invited St Joseph’s students in to help create 3D poppies for the display; and they collected contributions for the Help a Hero Christmas stocking appeal for which they received a certificate of recognition. The students demonstrated outstanding independence, creativity, team work and community spirit. They truly are excellent ambassadors for the department and for the school.

A presentation detailing the WW1 Project in greater detail can be viewed by clicking here.