Day of Action for Refugees & Those Displaced by Conflict

Please note the actions and requests below in relation to work the school’s Amnesty International Group are undertaking on Thursday 31st March in solidarity with refugees and those displaced because of conflict:

1. A Donation Station will be set up in school. We will be grateful for anything that you are able to contribute. Items below have been requested by a local Polish community organisation for transfer to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Please only donate items on the list. Donations to be left in the main foyer on 31st March at lunchtime (or at the start of the day if easier).

Items needed are (please no glass):  

  • Sachets of baby food,
  • Disposable nappies,
  • Powdered baby foods,
  • Wipes, Toiletries,
  • Washing powder/ liquid,
  • Pasta,
  • Rice,
  • High protein energy bars,
  • Sweets.

2. Students will be able to plant a sunflower at lunchtime on 31st March. We will grow the sunflowers in school as a gesture of solidarity with refugees and those displaced by conflict. Students wishing to make a donation can do so, though this is not required. Any money collected will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

To support the sunflower growing, any large yoghurt pots or unwanted small/medium plastic plant pots can be donated in advance of 31st March via the main office. 

3. There will be a letter students can sign calling on UK government to make changes to their policy on refugees. The text is from the Amnesty International website and signing is an entirely voluntary act – we will be taking thumb prints or first names only.