Kings Norton Maths Goes Global!

You may have seen ‘Chinese School’ on the television over the summer but there is a wider exchange project to learn about and exchange the best aspects of both British and Chinese maths teaching. This has been set up by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and includes a two week visit for two English teachers to observe teaching in Shanghai and four weeks for two Chinese teachers to visit England.


Our own Miss Bridgett was selected from many candidates to spend two weeks in Shanghai, China observing the maths teaching and in November, two Chinese teachers will be coming to teach students in Kings Norton Girls’ School. A range of maths teachers from across the region who will then get the chance to discuss the teaching methods with the Chinese teachers.

Miss Bridgett has now safely landed in China and is looking forward to immersing herself in the Chinese culture. Keeping checking here for updates on her experiences.

Updates sent 10th September – we have had a message from Miss Bridgett…

Have spent the last two days in Da Tong Junior High School. Have watched calligraphy, form performances and a harmonica lesson!
Have also seen lots of fraction and expressions lessons….so interesting. We have watched demonstrations lessons, feedback, teacher planning meetings and same day intervention.

Today was teacher day so all the students bought in flowers and cards and biscuits for their teachers 🙂

(A weekly test for an average year 7 class)

Updates sent 14th September – we have had a message from Miss Bridgett…

Hi all

Today I visited Jing’an District Number One Central Primary School.

Along with the knowledge and skills objectives, there was an “emotional attitudes and values objectives” ie to experience the sense of success in the process of exploring mathematical knowledge.

I got to meet with lots of the teachers who were FLABBERGASTED when I told them that we have one or two hour lessons. And GOBSMACKED when I told them that we teach more than one grade.

I also got to sit in on the planning meeting for Grade 4 lesson on rays, segments and straight lines… They asked how we teach it …..

Textbook page of the lesson I saw was based on (entitled from addition to multiplication).

Update sent 15th September – another message from Miss Bridgett…

More greetings from Shanghai!

Today was my second day at The First Central Primary School of Jingan District. I was able to attend a planning meeting with grade four and watch a maths lesson on rays, straight-lines and segments. We also visited the “Little Citizen Building” where the children can do arts, crafts, calligraphy and technology.

It was lovely to meet all the children in the school and they have been helping me with my Chinese. I can now count to five and do some simple sums (in Chinese that is – I could add and subtract before I arrived!!!). But they did giggle at my pronunciation so I think I still have some work to do!

(Odyssey the Mind Room!)