KNGS and KNBS proudly present Grease!

Tuesday 21st April- Friday 24th April 2015

Kings Norton Girls’ School, 7.00pm

“A wop-baba-lu-mop, ahh-wop-bam-boom!”

With the sound of rock and roll music flowing into our ears, the class of ’59 give us a taste of American High School life at its ‘best’!

Danny and Sandy have had the summer of their lives, but neither of them are prepared for what happens next! What they don’t realise is that they’ll actually be going back to the same school when summer is over. First day of term and their summer lovin’ doesn’t run so smoothly. Danny is the leader of the ‘too cool for school’ T-Birds. Sandy tries to capture his attention by hanging out with an equally cool band of girls ‘The Pink Ladies’, but her innocence and naivety make it hard for her to fit in with the group.

Is somebody going to have to change their image for the sake of love, and if so, who?

Why not come along and find out. Tickets are on sale from Monday 9th March. Please complete the order form to reserve seats. A copy of the order form can be downloaded here. All seats will be numbered and allocated on a first come first served basis.

Tickets WILL NOT be available on the night.