Updates From Year 8 Ski Visit

Friday 8th March

Hello from Switzerland,

Fantastic last day skiing before a celebration of chocolate party this evening, then packing and and an early night ready for our journey tomorrow! We have had such a fantastic week and all have made so much progress not only in their skiing but their personal and social development to. It was lovely to listen to their reflections and best bits this evening. We will see you tomorrow at 14.15 hrs! Mrs Currie

Monday 4th March

Hello from Switzerland – fantastic first few days.

Journey all good, beautiful first days skiing in bright sunshine, with all groups making amazing progress. Torchlight walk in the evening. Another successful day today in completely different weather conditions, snowing and very cold. Just playing tennis, badminton and table tennis this evening and ready for another good days ski tomorrow. Memorable moments so far – First open of curtains in the morning revealed a magnificent view – at 7.30ish hearing the ooo’s, ahh’s and screams down the corridor as they all woke up and saw.

Two or three groups making their first ski run through a lovely tree lined blue slope and the feeling of pride at the bottom as they achieved it.

Pupils working really hard and persevering with learning new skills – one falling pupil shouting ‘i’m good and standing straight back up again, almost before coming to a stop, just to go straight back up and try again.
They are all being amazing!

Hopefully email another update soon – Mrs Currie