Year 8 Students Visit Microsoft Headquarters

On Tuesday 20th November 2018, a group of eight Year 8 girls were given the opportunity to visit Microsoft Headquarters in Reading for an worldwide event called “Digigirlz”. The event is aimed at removing the stereotype that girls cannot code computer programs, work within the IT industry and to dispel the myth that

big companies like Microsoft, Google, etc. only want boys to work in the sector. We were one of only 20 schools in the UK to visit.

An early start at 6am was needed to get ready for the day’s events which included a guided tour of the campus, hands on displays, live technology demonstrations, careers advice, Q&A with Microsoft CEO Cindy Rose and the opportunity to ask a female intern and apprentice questions about what they do, why they enjoy it and lots more!

The main activity during the day was to design a new device for an      everyday task by coding BBC Microbits – and as expected the creative juices got flowing immediately – eventually bringing together a selection of designs from our three groups which involved robotic barriers, getting Microbits to communicate over Bluetooth to each other and even making use of a full digital camera to represent a speed camera.

A huge well done to all our girls and to Mr Willis for organising the trip and for Mr Cutler for his support on the day.

For more pictures of the day check out the Computer Science Department on Twitter @kngscompsci