Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our school vision “Opening a World of Opportunities” is at the heart of everything that, as staff, we work towards for every student and expect students to work towards too.

Our Values

We have three core values to support us all in achieving our vision.

Respect: Respect for self, respect for others, respect for our environment.

Courage: We chose this value as it is inclusive and relevant to everyone. At KNGS we support our students to be courageous, to be determined and resilient, to take part in a wide range of opportunities in and out of the classroom and through this develop their confidence.  And our final value,

Flourish: According to Aristotle to flourish should be our goal in life. It can be translated as ‘happiness’ or ‘wellbeing’ but it includes the fact that life contains ups and downs and that we can flourish in either of these contexts. Flourish links to success, achievement and ambition as well as our health and wellbeing, how we make progress at school, in friendships, in our enrichment activities, as well as in academic achievement.