Pupil Premium

Kings Norton Girls’ School welcomes the Pupil Premium initiative to provide funding to support this group of young people.

  • In 2017/18 we received £196,350
  • For 2018/19 we received £199,155

£6114 funding has also been received for Year 7 Catch Up funding to support Reading and Maths.

We have identified 4 key areas to address with this funding:

  • Achievement and Attainment
  • Attendance
  • Aspiration
  • Enjoyment and Engagement

Over time we believe the following initiatives will have a measurable impact on enhancing student performance.

Achievement and Attainment

At Kings Norton Girls’ School we invest time and resources in a rigorous analysis of achievement to ensure that our targets for every student are aspirational. We have established base line data in all subjects, which give us a clear and early indication of current attainment and support that is needed to help students to thrive.

Students are supported by a team of Learning Assistants and additional specialist support in Maths and English. Where our data tracking suggests that performance is not improving we finance extra intervention and mentoring through extra classroom support or 1:1 tuition.


The school attendance target for 2018-19 is 96%. Our key objective is to close the gap between those students in receipt of free school meals and those who are not. As with other schools nationally there is a gap; this is something that we are addressing with an Inclusion and Intervention Manager.


  • All students eligible for pupil premium funding are provided with additional 1:1 independent careers advice and support and receive support in their college, employment and apprenticeship applications.
  • Funding helps to support the costs of appropriate progression visits. For example, visits to the Skills Show and talks in school for providers of vocational courses. More able students are encouraged to participate in the Birmingham University A2B course in the Sixth Form and Forward Thinking Course in Years 8 to 11 .
  • All students, eligible for pupil premium funding who have found it more difficult to acquire worthwhile placements for work experience, are supported in applying and finding suitable provision.

Enjoyment and Engagement

  • It is made clear to all students in this group, that finance for travel costs, equipment, identified revision materials, educational and aspirational trips and fees for extra-curricular activity should not be a barrier to their involvement. Individual departments, who are offering these opportunities are asked to ascertain what support is needed so that the school can, whenever possible, make an appropriate contribution. Students in receipt of Free School Meals who learn to play an instrument in school are funded for the cost of tuition, all those eligible for pupil premium funding receive a subsidy towards these.

We hope that all parents and carers will work closely with the school to support students in achieving their aims. We also believe that our Free School Meals figure is not necessarily an accurate reflection of need in our community and would encourage all families to contact us if funding has become a barrier to the progress of their daughter.

Please contact the school if:

  • You become eligible for Free School Meals
  • One or more parents are in the Armed forces
  • You adopted your daughter
  • The child in your care is on a residence or special guardianship order

All information is kept strictly confidential.


The spend of pupil premium funding is overseen by the Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form & Pupil Premium). Governors are updated termly on the progress of pupil premium students and the impact of spending.

Statistical data

In 2018-19 – 29% of students are eligible for pupil premium funding.

For detailed analysis of our Pupil Premium strategy and funding and Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium please click below:

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